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Airman Shawna Keyes (left), 4th Fighter Wing Public Affairs photojournalist, takes a photo with Leta Matte, Oct. 9, 2016, in Matthews, North Carolina. Matte has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer for the past two months. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman Shawna L. Keyes) My home away from home
Cancer. The word reaches your ears and your heart stops. Your blood chills and your breath catches. Cancer is never a word you want to hear, say, or wish upon anyone. But hear it, I did.
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Phishing is the activity of defrauding an online account holder by posing as a legitimate business to steal sensitive data. This information can include password, personally identifiable information (PII), military operations data, and credit card and financial details. (U.S. Air Force graphic/Airman Shawna L. Keyes) Phishing: Avoid the hook
“Beware of Phishing”   You’ve probably heard this many times and for good reason.  Phishing is the
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