4th maintenance group

"Airmen Inspiring Confidence within a Culture of Compliance."

Responsible for all on/off-equipment maintenance support for the largest F-15E fighter wing in the Air Force.  Maintains, mobilizes, deploys and sustains 94 F-15E aircraft and associated equipment for worldwide expeditionary aerospace operations and F-15E aircrew training. Generates 15,000 sorties and 24,000 hours annually.

2,200 military and civilian personnel

The group is divided into seven squadrons: 4th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 4th Component Maintenance Squadron, Equipment Maintenance Squadron, 333rd Fighter Generation Squadron, 334th Fighter Generation Squadron, 335th Fighter Generation Squadron, 336th Fighter Generation Squadron and the 4th Maintenance Group Staff.

4th Munitions Squadron
The 4th Munitions Squadron provides ready, reliable, and lethal combat munitions sustainment to four F-15E Strike Eagle units and supports agencies across the 4th Fighter Wing. Consisting of over 300 TFI Airmen across 14 duty sections, 4 MUNS executes precision maintenance, construction, accountability, and on-time delivery of a diverse munitions stockpile valued at $64M. They also ensure the functionality and security of 32 facilities, 206 trailers, and 55 vehicles housed in a 61-acre Munitions Storage Area. Additionally, 4 MUNS tirelessly maintains 94 M61A1 20MM cannon systems and over 3,000 pieces of F-15E Alternate Munitions Equipment to include bomb-racks, pylons, and launchers.  These incredible efforts enable the Wing to strike anywhere, anytime.

4th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
The 4th EMS provides safe and reliable on and off equipment maintenance for F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft. The squadron includes 600 personnel in 11 career fields assigned to aerospace ground equipment, armament, fabrication, munitions and maintenance flights. The squadron ensures readiness of personnel and equipment to support combat aircrew training and executes deliberate and contingency plans worldwide.

4th Component Maintenance Squadron
The 4th CMS provides safe and reliable on and off aircraft equipment maintenance in support of F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft. The squadron includes more than 417 personnel in 10 career fields assigned to Accessories (which includes Egress, Electro-Environmental, Fuels and Hydraulic sections), Avionics, Propulsion and Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Flights. The squadron maintains personnel and equipment readiness to support deliberate and contingency plans worldwide.

Fighter Generation Squadrons
The 333rd, 334th, 335th, and 336th FGS were activated on Sept. 30, 2021 and replaced the former Aircraft Maintenance Units. Under the Combat Oriented Maintenance Organization, each FGS is directly aligned with its associated Fighter Squadron which allows for unity of effort and maintains clearly established division of responsibilities.