hurricane readiness

Important Phone Numbers: 
In case of Emergency: Dial 911 
Security Forces: (919) 722-1211 
Straight Talk Line: (919) 722-0000, toll free: 1-866-290-6896 
Command Post: (919) 722-0004 
On-base Housing Maintenance: (919) 736-7021 
24-hr Damage Control Center: (919) 722-5139 
24-hr Civil Engineering Emergency Management: (919) 722-2689 

Safety For Kids: 
Just a reminder to Airmen and their families to remember safety at all times, even after the storms. Keep an eye on your children as they'll try to play in flood waters and climb fallen trees, both could be dangerous with downed power lines and broken branches. Also be watchful of critters and reptiles that may come out from any rising waters. 

* On-base residents may pick up home supplies at the Self-Help Store. 
* Before the power goes out, fill up bath tubs with water to use for toilets. 
* Follow all safety guidelines for generators, ensure proper ventilation. 
* In case of tornado, move to an interior room without windows. 
* Close shed doors and tie down trash cans or loose objects. 

Go to to learn if your neighborhood is prone to flooding.