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  • Getting Smarter: SJ enhances its emotional intelligence

    In an effort to improve the often-neglected CAF pillar of members on Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, 4th Fighter Wing leaders invited Chief Master Sgt. Eric Forman, 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group superintendent from Fort Gordon, Georgia, to lead and act as a moderator at an Emotional Intelligence Seminar Oct. 24, 2019 in the 333rd Fighter Squadron.
  • SJ hosts CAF Day: strengthens resilience

    Team Seymour held a Comprehensive Airman Fitness Day, Oct. 18, 2019, at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina.
  • SJ emphasizes CSAR in Razor Talon

    The 4th Fighter Wing hosted a joint service exercise known as Razor Talon, Oct. 11, 2019.
  • Forging the 4th; Air Force Ball 2019

    Seymour Johnson Air Force Base celebrated the 72nd birthday of the U.S. Air Force with the Air Force Ball Oct. 5, 2019. This year’s theme for the ball was “Forging the 4th”, celebrating and honoring the origin and history of the 4th Fighter Wing.
  • “Because 1 is 2 many”: 4FW kicks off Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    The month of October is dedicated to raising awareness of domestic violence.
  • 4th Medical Group undergoes restructure; streamlines health care services

    Beginning Oct. 7, 2019, the 4th Medical Group (MDG) at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base will start reorganizing health care services offered at the clinic. In this new medical services model, an Operational Medicine Readiness Squadron (OMRS) and a Health Care Operations Squadron (HCOS) are being created, with roles aimed at increasing the timeliness of the care given to patients at Team Seymour based on their beneficiary’s status.
  • Ninth AF leadership visits SJAFB; reaffirms commitment to people, mission, and community

    Earlier in the year, the 4th Fighter Wing established its priorities as “People, Mission, Community.” It was articulated by wing leadership that each of the three pillars play a pivotal role in the overall success of the installation. When balanced equally, they also help meet the objectives established by the Ninth Air Force mission objectives and achieve America’s national security benchmarks.
  • Keep the Light Burning: SJAFB honors POW/MIA

    Heritage Park is a reminder of the 4th Fighter Wing legacy. Each aircraft from the F-4 Phantom II to the F-86 Sabre, respectively, points to the center of the park to pay homage to past, present and future operators. However, a landmark just as special, occupies space at the center of the park. Surrounded by the 4 FW legacy wall, which annotates every conflict the wing has participated in its history, you will find red stones with special words on them.
  • Full Circle: 15th CMSAF returns to where his journey began

    “Wow,” exclaims retired Chief Master Sgt. Rodney McKinley as he stares at an empty lot filled with dirt, where the old Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Medical Clinic once stood. “A lot of things have changed, some have stayed the same” he added. “However, for some reason it still feels like home.” More than 40 years ago, then Airman Basic McKinley first stepped into that very same medical clinic as a new emergency room technician fresh from technical training. He would not know it at the time, however, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, would be the launching point for an Air Force career that would see him eventually become the 15th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force.
  • SJAFB reflects on successes as Air Force turns 72

    It’s the time of year where Team Seymour celebrates a special day that connects all those who have or currently call themselves Airmen. On September 18, 2019, the Air Force turns 72. On this date in 1947, President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act into law, establishing it as an independent service under the Department of Defense. As the youngest military service, the Air Force maintains control of all units primarily fulfilling the role of protecting America’s skies and its assets abroad.