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Linda Roose (left) and Josh Roose, family members of Master Sgt. Brittany Jones, 4th Fighter Wing public affairs NCO-in-charge of command information, are photographed at Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio in May 2005. Josh was shot in the head and nearly died from the incident. (Courtesy photo) Why I give
I was sitting in a daze in a cold and uninviting waiting area outside an emergency operating room about one month before my high school graduation in 2005. I listened to the robotic beeps of medical machinery when I realized my life was about to change forever. Earlier that night, I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I heard panicked pounding on the front door. When I answered the knocks, a policeman stood on our front porch drenched head-to-toe from the rain. I'll never forget the look of fear in his eyes when he told me to get my mom and follow him quickly.
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