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A&FRC Overview of Services


Step 1: Pre-Separation Counseling (Mandatory)- Pre-Separation counseling must be accomplished no less than 90 days before separation but optimally at the one year point for separating and two year point for retiring Service members. Pre-Separation counseling represents the most holistic, personal, and extended component of TAP. Counseling is offered the first 3 Wednesdays of the month from 0830-1130.

Pre-Separation Counseling Supplement
TAP Benefits & Services Matrix

Step 2: eBenefits Account (Mandatory)- This portal is a one-stop shop for benefits-related online tools and information for Wounded Warriors, Veterans, Service members, and Family of Service Members. Members must register with their CAC at the following website: Members should bring proof of registration to their pre-separation counseling.

Step 3: 5-Day TAP Workshop (Mandatory)- Department of Defense, Department of Labor, and Veterans Affairs partnership. Workshop will cover Transition Overview, Military Occupation Code Crosswalk, Financial Planning, DoL Employment Workshop, and VA Benefits Briefing I & II.
A Laptop or Wireless Device is required and will be used throughout the 5 days. We have a limited number of laptops available; please let us know if you will need us to provide one for your use
Due to budget constraints we are unable to provide printed copies. It is imperative that you please bring (print or digital) the following items with you to the workshop:
· Latest (end of month) LES
· Budget Sheet- General idea of your monthly living expenses and creditor payments (print out or save to your laptop)
· Credit Report- free report can be obtained at:
· Individual Transition Plan (print out or save to your laptop)
·Financial Participants Guide (print out or save to your laptop)
· MOC Crosswalk Participants Guide (print out or save to your laptop)
· Copy of your VMET (obtain a copy at:
· Copy of OPRs/EPRs
· Transcripts (CCAF, AARTS, SMARTS)

CY 13 Workshop Schedule
Workshop Agenda

Step 4: 2-Day Tracks (Optional)
Entrepreneurship Track- Boots to Business
Facilitated by Small Business Administration, this track is for those individuals who are interested in developing a small business or franchise.

Boots to Business Fact Sheet
Boots to Business Schedule & Agenda

Higher Education Track
Facilitated by Department of Defense, this track is for those who plan to focus on their academic goals after they transition from the military.

CY 13 Workshop Schedule

Technical Training Track (Coming Soon)
Facilitated by Veterans Affairs, this track is for individuals who have determined that technical training best supports their career goal.

Step 5: Capstone Event (Mandatory-Coming Soon)
Monthly event where separating Service members demonstrate and validate that they are prepared to be successful following their military service by producing documentation that they meet Career Readiness Standards.

Transition Assistance Websites
Department of Defense- Transition Assistance Program (
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (
Department of Labor (
Small Business Administration (
Verification of Military Experience & Training
State Employment Agencies/Career One Stop (
O*NET Online (
Federal Job Opportunities (
State Veterans Benefits (