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Rapid Engineer Deployable, Heavy Operational Repair Squadron, Engineer (RED HORSE) squadrons provide the Air Force with a highly mobile civil engineering capability in support of contingency and special operations worldwide. They are self-sufficient, mobile squadrons that provide heavy construction support such as runway/facility construction, electrical upgrades, and equipment transport when requirements exceed normal base civil engineer capabilities and where Army engineer support is not readily available. RED HORSE possesses weapons, vehicles/equipment and vehicle maintenance, food service, supply, and medical equipment. 

RED HORSE engineers accomplish required support for the beddown of weapon systems and installation of critical utility and support systems to initiate and sustain operations - especially in austere, bare base environments. They are manned, equipped, and trained to conduct heavy engineering operations as independent, self-sustaining units in remote, hostile locations. 

The primary RED HORSE tasking in peacetime is to train for contingency and wartime operations. It participates regularly in Joint Chiefs of Staff and major command exercises, military operations other than war, and humanitarian civic action programs. RED HORSE performs training projects that assist base construction efforts while, at the same time, honing wartime skills. 

The 567th RED HORSE Squadron is a 209-person mobile squadron capable of rapid response and independent operations in remote, high-threat environments worldwide. It was established on November 1, 2008, at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, NC. The 567th provides an engineering response force, supporting special construction efforts and humanitarian civic action projects in remote areas, or operating contingency airfields and operating locations. 

Opportunity: The 567th offers a wide variety of training ranging from technical to leadership/management skills.
Travel: RED HORSE personnel are provided with worldwide travel opportunities for both training and real-world missions
Pay: Earn four days pay each month on one weekend, plus a minimum of two weeks' pay each year.
Education: Technical training provided by the Air Force and continued educational payments through the GI bill and tuition assistance.
Insurance: You may purchase a substantial amount of life insurance at low monthly rates for you and your spouse. Medical and dental insurance is also available at competitive prices.
Retirement Program: Upon joining, you are immediately enrolled in a retirement program. 



· Personnel/ Administration
· Carpentry/ Welding*
· Plumbing/ Utility Systems
· Electrical/ Power Production
· Heating/ Air Conditioning
· Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering
· Food Service
· Vehicle Maintenance*
· Construction Project Design/ AutoCAD*
· Heavy Equipment Operations*
· Computer Systems and Information Management
· Logistics/ Supply
· Other
*$15,000 sign on bonus for selected fields. Contact your Air Force Reserve recruiter today!