SJAFB Develops Multi-Capable Airmen During Joint Exercise Razor Talon

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kimberly Barrera

Multi-capable (MCA) Airmen from the 4th Fighter Wing participated in Razor Talon demonstrated their ability to quickly deploy and operate in austere locations.

“MC Airmen conducted an integrated combat turn in a simulated combat environment at Cherry Point Marine Corp Air Station,” said Lt. Col. Panos Bakogiannis, 4th Fighter Wing, chief of installation readiness and exercises and a 414th Fighter Group Reservist. Team Seymour demonstrated the ability to provide a forward-operating site presence for refueling and rearming two F-15E Strike Eagles from the 336th Fighter Squadron. 

The exercise brought together Airmen from SJAFB and Dover AFB, Combat Controllers from Pope Army Airfield, and Marines from Camp Lejuene

“We worked with our joint partners, Marines from 6th Marines Regiment provided communications from Cherry Point back to our tactical operations center. The 21st Special Tactic Squadron were out there helping us coordinate air flow and we had support from Dover Air Force Base C-17 Globemaster III that flew us in and out,” said Bakogiannis.

The exercise began with a team of Airmen and Marines boarding a C-17 carrying an R-11 fuel truck, munitions, an MJ-1 lift truck and an all-terrain vehicle. The team simulated flying in a combat zone before landing at Cherry Point.

Upon landing, Airmen from the 4th Security Forces Squadron rapidly set up check points, used all-terrain vehicles to monitor the area and deployed an unmanned aerial vehicle to enhance their standoff capabilities allowing them to survey enemies from further distances. These actions ensure the security of the personnel, munitions and aircraft.

Once the F-15Es landed, Airmen loaded munitions and hot-pit refueled two Strike Eagles.

The purpose of Razor Talon ACE event is to continue developing capabilities with the multi-capable Airmen concept,” said Bautista. It entailed Airmen from maintenance, security forces, and logistics readiness that are combining their technical skills together in order to accomplish one goal.

"The performance out there was awesome,” said Bakogiannis. “Our Airmen and Joint partners had great attitudes, they worked hard and they were hungry for the opportunity to demonstrate capabilities. We had great support from the AMC and AFSOC communities,  as well as our maintenance who provided additional safety observers out there just to make sure that everybody was safe and we were getting the right repetitions in.”

The Airmen and Marines worked seamlessly to accomplish the exercise’s mission of conducting an integrated combat turn in a simulated combat environment while achieving Command and Control (C2) with Seymour Johnson AFB.

“This is the most fun I’ve had, since my deployment,” said Bautista. “It’s cool to have a real-world concept of what we do every day.”