4th Fighter Wing breaking barriers with Agile Combat Employment

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  • 4th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

            The 4th Fighter Wing continues its long tradition of breaking barriers and being the tip of the spear for innovation. For the last few days, the 4th Fighter Wing has been operating not only from Seymour Johnson AFB, but from Wilmington, Fort Fisher, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as well. F-15E Strike Eagle pilots have been exercising their ability to refuel and resupply from new and unfamiliar sources.

             Agile Combat Employment, or the use of military personnel and equipment in a way that exponentially increases the maneuverability and lethality of our forces has been the hot phrase at the 4th FW for the last year.

            “Agile Combat Employment is the future of warfare,” said Col. Kurt Helphinstine, commander of the 4 FW. “We are charting a new path and unlocking potential in our forces that thus far had been untapped, making us lean, agile and incredibly lethal.”

            Airmen from the 4th FW have been training and deploying in preparation for the next big fight as the United States shifts from years of warfare in the Middle East and refocuses on “near-peer” conflict. Training being conducted by Airmen at the 4 FW has includes refocusing on expeditionary skills, such as setting up a “tent city” in austere environments, procuring fuel and supplies from local communities, and setting up secure communications without any existing infrastructure.

            Application of ACE will continue to test the 4th FW’s global capabilities and rapid response to short-notice and no-notice operations, ensuring Seymour Johnson Airmen are equipped and poised for any encounter. These concepts improve versatility and correspondence amongst the force and its allies, fortifying the delivery of combat airpower any time, any place.