Shedding light on SJAFB electricians

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Imagine an Airman comes onto base and there’s no power? Light switches do nothing, computer’s don’t turn on, nothing electrical works.

Would the 4th Fighter Wing still be able to accomplish the mission?

Thanks to the 4th Civil Engineer Squadron electricians, that is something Airmen at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base don’t have to worry about.

“Everyone depends on us,” says Staff Sgt. Sterlin Perkins, 4th CES electrical systems apprentice. “Whether it’s something small or big, at the end of the day, everyone is happy to have power.”

The 4th CES electricians are responsible for electrical hardware both indoor and outdoor, to include lights, outlets, power lines, and many other appliances and hardware used almost daily.

“Our job is to keep the lights on and keep the planes flying,” said Clifford Thomas, 4th CES electrical foreman. “We maintain 35 miles of electrical lines, 800 airfield lights, 334 miles of electrical distribution lines, and we serve a total of 22,000 base populace.”

Although the job can sometimes seem difficult and daunting, for the 16 Airmen assigned to the shop, there is a sense of pride in their work.

“When you see certain jobs get completed, it gives you a feeling of pride,” said Clifford. “Seeing Airmen take on leadership roles and getting recognized for all their hard work, it definitely inspires a sense of pride.”

The 4th CES electrical shop won team of the quarter at the squadron level for the first quarter of 2021.

No matter the electrical issue, big or small, the 4th CES electricians are always ready to assist customers to ensure the 4th Fighter Wing remains lethal, ready and professional.

For more information on the electrical shop, or to submit a work order, call 919-722-5122.