4th MDG completes Operation Ready Eagle

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman David Lynn
  • 4th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

 The 4th Medical Group completed Operation Ready Eagle at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina, Oct. 25-30, 2021.

The exercise focused on mission readiness through triage training and point of dispense training.

“This exercise was held to prepare the Medical Group to respond to any disasters that could occur on base,” said Capt. Christina Dang, 4 MDG dentist. “I think it’s great that the first time we did this sort of thing wasn’t in a real-life scenario, it was a training scenario.”

Ready Eagle was the first time that many of the newer Airmen at the MDG got to experience decontamination procedures.

“Everything we did in this exercise was beneficial,” said Senior Airman Sebastion Brown, 4 MDG pharmacy technician. “Now that these newer Airmen have seen the procedures and have more of an idea of what they’re doing, they will be more prepared to respond if one of these situations arises.”

Exercises are a great way to test the readiness of a base, group, squadron, and each Airman. It gives the members a way to gauge their skills, showing them where they’re excelling, and where they’re lacking.

“Next time they aren’t going to focus on having what we need, but more so testing their knowledge and their skills,” said Staff Sgt. Amanda Giovannoni, 4 MDG dental prophylaxis technician. “I think we’re definitely ready to do some training on some other things that we didn’t really focus on in some of our previous training days.”

Keeping Americas fighting force fit to fight relies on ensuring its Airmen are on top of their game. Exercises, like Operation Ready Eagle, make it possible.