SJAFB Aircraft Lasing PSA

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SEYMOUR JOHNSON AIR FORCE BASE, N.C. -- Did you know lasing, pointing a laser at flying aircraft, is a federal crime punishable up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine? The FAA reported 8, 550 laser incidents in 2021, up from 6,852 laser incidents in 2020. This is the highest reported number of incidents since 2016.


A lot of people do not believe something as small as a handheld laser pointer could have much impact on transiting aircraft; however it is the complete opposite. Small high-powered laser pointers can have serious adverse effects on civilian aircraft as well as transiting military aircraft like those at Seymour Johnson.


Laser pointers can temporarily blind pilots during flight, jeopardizing control of the aircraft and putting many lives in danger.


To better protect our fellow citizens we all need to remain vigilant in the fight to curb this threat. If you do own a lasing device, be careful how you use it and if you have information on anyone using it maliciously please report it to local law enforcement.


If you have any information regarding lasing or unauthorized illumination of an aircraft please contact Air Force Office of Special Investigations at  (919) 722-1218 or email


For questions, please refer to the FAA or FBI websites listed below: