New computerized wheel alignments at Seymour

  • Published
  • By Robin DeMark
  • 4th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
The HawkEye Hunter Wheel Alignment System at the Auto Skills Development Center allows customers to save money with a new computerized wheel and suspension alignment system formerly found only at professional alignment shops.
"In April, we experienced a 15 percent increase in profits because word is getting out that we offer front and rear wheel alignments," said John Barnhart, auto skills mechanic.

The system directs the shop's certified mechanics on what wrenches to use and how to complete a systematic precision alignment. The computer system analyzes a series of photographs taken once an automobile is secure on the lift.

"It's a very delicate and totally awesome machine that checks the suspension system as well," said Silas Worrell, auto skills mechanic. "If you don't check the ride-height setting of your vehicle, an alignment is a waste of time and money; this system does it all."

The HawkEye will evaluate the entire steering suspension within a 100th of a degree.

"This machine is doubling our customer service and increasing profits," said Jerry Cazeault, auto skills mechanic. "Auto evaluations cost $20 wheel alignments cost $55. If shocks, ball joints and struts are needed, this is an additional cost to pay for parts."

Wing leadership secured funding for the purchase and installation of the system last October after being named the third best Auto Skills Development Center in Air Combat Command. Since then, more than 2,300 customers have taken advantage of the cost savings the system provides.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Auto Skills Development Center at 722-1309.