Bellamorphosis expands so you don’t

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Heather Stanton
  • 4th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Bellamorphosis is expanding its workout area to make more room for cardio and strength training.

As the only women's health center in the Air Force, Bellamorphosis offers a large array of fitness classes and programs, as well as a full health center with sauna, free weights, nautilus machines and free childcare.

"We are expanding so you don't," said Sharon Grieve, Bellamorphosis manager. "We are opening up a wall that currently blocks off our cardio/nautilus room. The expansion will be our new nautilus and free-weight room and the cardio room will expand and spread out."

Having the nautilus equipment and free weights in the same room will be convenient for strength training as patrons will not have to travel around the building during a workout session, according to Grieve. What is now the free-weight room will become either a cycling or boxing room.

Though Bellamorphosis is a women-only fitness center, it is not the "fluffy pink gym" many people may envision.

"I tell everybody we are not your typical gym," Grieve said. "We try to keep the women challenged and motivated. We definitely work out hard here but it has the feeling of "Cheers" where everyone knows you. You feel like you are at home, but we make you suffer while you are here."

One long-time member enjoys going to Bellamorphosis because of the fellowship shared between the women.

"I absolutely love Bellamorphosis," said Julie Muehlenthaler, Bellamorphosis patron since 2002. "There's camaraderie between us women. We are all there for one goal: to get fit and lose weight. It brings people with common goals and interests together."

The fitness classes offered include yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, step aerobics, cycling, abs and lifting.

"We take the general classes and try to blow them up," Grieve said. "We expand on them. You can have the cycle and blast class where we make you do cardio on steps or a Bosu (balance trainer), then we'll make you jump on the bike."

Bellamorphosis also offers programs to get women into the gym and working out.

"Our most popular program is Boot Camp," Grieve said. "This happens every year after spring break. We will give you the total amount of calories you need to eat a day to lose two pounds a week. Then we ask you to come to us (six days a week) for two hours a day for an hour of cardio and an hour of strength training."

Last year's top winner lost 22.5 inches off her body and 15 percent of her body weight during the eight-week challenge.

"Some women want to work out on their own and don't want to take part in a class, and that is fine, but the women who do that don't normally have the greatest results," according to Grieve. "The women who jump into the classes are usually our biggest losers. I think a lot of that has to do with getting the guidance and somebody motivating you."

A $25 monthly user fee, which off-sets the cost of programs and instructors, gives members access to all classes and programs. Members also receive discounts on personal training and massage sessions available at the center.

With the new fitness standards high on Air Force leadership's priority list, staying in shape is important for all Airmen.

"I have found that (female Airmen) who come in and utilize the programs are usually very successful in their fitness tests," Grieve said. "If you are coming in and doing the work outs, we will hit the areas that will help you improve."

For more information on Bellamorphosis fitness classes and programs, call 722-0413.