Are you ready?

  • Published
  • By Col. Jeannie Leavitt
  • 4th Fighter Wing commander

Are you mission ready? Are you ready to fight tomorrow's war? We will find out during Coronet Warrior 12-04 (CW 12-04), our upcoming Operational Readiness Exercise (ORE) that will take place 17-21 Sep. The purpose of the Coronet Warrior exercise is to ensure the 4th FW Airmen are always ready to answer our nation's call. Each and every Airman of the 4th FW is vitally important to this mission. We must fly, fight and win America's current conflicts while preparing for the next crisis.

CW 12-04 is one in a series of OREs that will lead up to our Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) in March 2013. Some of the OREs, such as CW 12-04, will be a combined Phase I and Phase II while other OREs will focus on just one of the two Phases. These OREs and the eventual ORI force us out of our comfort zone and into the challenging and uncertain environment of the next war. The goal is to push our combat capability to the next level and ensure that we are fully prepared to accomplish our mission. The ORI will validate that the 4th FW Airmen are ready to deliver Strike Eagle Airpower...anywhere, anytime, and in any environment.

The F-15E is a highly capable combat platform and plays a very important role in the defense of our great nation. Combatant commanders recognize the incredible impact of the Strike Eagle's precision lethality. If a new crisis arises anywhere in the world, there is a good chance that the 4th FW would get the call. Future conflicts could involve formidable adversaries who contest our presence and attempt to degrade our capabilities. For this reason there is an emphasis on contested, degraded operations (CDO) during the CW exercises.

The 4th FW learned a great deal of lessons during the July ORE (CW 12-03) and we identified many areas where we could make improvements. Our goal is to address the problem areas and make positive changes so we can truly have lessons learned and not just lessons observed. I encourage you to use creativity and innovation to develop solutions to potential obstacles. Your attitude will be key to our success in these endeavors. I want you to look at the OREs as opportunities rather than challenges. Take advantage of this opportunity to practice while the adversaries are simulated for the day may quickly arrive when they are real.

Everyone on Seymour Johnson AFB should understand expectations and their role for both Phase I and Phase II operations. Realize that some 4th FW services will be affected. Extended work hours may require you to make alternate arrangements for your family. Take time now to educate yourself and prepare so you are ready for the ORE.

As we prepare to face this opportunity as a wing remember that we are all American Airmen. We have answered our nation's call. I thank you and your families for your service and your sacrifice. Your incredible dedication and professionalism ensure the 4th FW remains "Fourth but First!"