Getting youth on board for Energy Conservation

  • Published
  • By Matthew Latham
  • 4th Civil Engineer Squadron
The 4th Civil Engineer Squadron (CES) visited the Youth Center Oct. 19th, for their annual presentation of energy conservation tips and actions.

This year's visit brought Seymour Johnson Energy Conservation T-shirts, "Energy. Save it!" wristbands, and a take home energy checklist that the whole family could use.

The 4th CES would like to invite every Airman to participate in this easy energy savings checklist. Additionally, please find a simple checklist of energy conservation and efficiency measures to use at work. Now is the time to keep working to save energy and help "Power the Force, Fuel the Fight!"
  1. Turn off lights when leaving a room - Also, regularly check to turn off lights if someone else forgot.
  2. Use energy-saving light bulbs - CFL and LED technologies are highly recommended
  3. Shut off computers - At home and at work, turn computers off when finished
  4. Use "smart" power strips - turn off phantom loads at the source
  5. Turn off entertainment devices - These can significantly impact energy bills
  6. Use natural light from southern windows in the winter and northern windows in the summer
  7. Unplug your phone charger - or turn off from the source using a power strip
  8. Purchase Energy Star appliances
  9. Use programmable digital thermostats where possible
  10. Insulate and weatherize windows and doors 
Help SJ "Power the Force. Fuel the Fight!" Save energy now, it makes a difference in down range operations.

A facility's energy is one crucial area that every Airman can have a positive impact. In fact, it's possible for Airmen to save over ten percent of the base energy consumption with good practices alone.

Follow these simple actions to reduce energy at work.
  1. Always use compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in desk lamps as opposed to incandescent lights
  2. Switch off unnecessary lights
  3. When working late, use task lighting to directly illuminate work areas
  4. Unplug equipment that drains energy even when not in use
  5. If possible, turn off your office equipment and/or computer monitors at the end of the work day
  6. Use efficient ENERGY STAR products
  7. Close or tilt window blinds to block direct sunlight to reduce cooling needs during warm months
  8. Photocopy only what you need
  9. Always use the second side of paper, either by printing on both sides or using the blank side as scrap paper
  10. Carpool, bike, or use mass transit when commuting to work
  11. To save gas: drive the speed limit, accelerate and decelerate slower and make sure tires are properly inflated
  12. Use durable coffee mugs instead of disposable cups
Seymour Johnson is committed to reducing energy consumption in compliance with Executive Order 13423 Energy and Water Reduction Requirements.

For assistance with maintenance questions, call 4th CES Operations Services at 722-5139.