Happy 70th Birthday

  • Published
  • By Dr. Roy Heidicker
  • 4th Fighter Wing Historian
What is the actual birthday of the 4th Fighter Wing? Our official lineage and honors statement reveals that we were, "Established as 4 Fighter Wing on 28 Jul 1947." Quite frankly this is like a beautiful woman revealing her birthday to you, it is only shy about seven years.

How about Sept. 12, 1942, the day the 4th Fighter Group was activated? What about Sept. 29, 1942 the day three Royal Air Force Eagle Squadrons, numbers 71, 121 and 133, transitioned into the 4th FG consisting of the 334th, 335th and 336th Fighter Squadrons? Well, these dates are closer but like the beautiful woman we are still shy about two years.

Because the 4th FG was formed from the RAF Eagle Squadrons, we have to look to the origin of these squadrons to learn our real birthday. Eagle Squadron number 121 was activated May 12, 1941 and Squadron number 133 Aug. 1, 1941 -- but these were the second and third Eagle squadrons to be stood up.

The first RAF Eagle Squadron, number 71, was formed Sept. 19, 1940. That means Sept. 19 is the 70th anniversary of the 4th Fighter Wing. The 334th FS, created from the 71 Eagle Squadron, will celebrate this event Sept. 17.

Happy Birthday 334th FS and 4th FW -- at 70 years young you're looking good gal!