AF energy conservation starts with you

  • Published
  • By Matthew Latham
  • 4th Civil Engineer Squadron
The Air Force Energy Plan supports our force's priorities and provides a framework for energy management to achieve federal and Air Force-specific energy goals.

This year the goal of the Air Force Energy Plan is to, "Make Energy a Consideration in All We Do." The Seymour Johnson Air Force Base 4th Civil Engineer Squadron asset optimization element is striving to communicate the need for a cultural change in how our community uses energy to the entire base population.

There are three main areas we must focus on to change cultural thinking toward energy conservation: education, awareness and communication.

The asset optimization element has made a commitment to educating base facility managers in energy conservation efforts and ensuring they have the necessary resources to conserve energy when possible. Time is taken during facility managers' briefings to provide education on the latest developments and answer any questions their Airmen may have about energy conservation. Additionally, operations and maintenance personnel receive training on newly-implemented technology as it becomes available, an essential element to keeping new equipment running efficiently.

Though there are many ways to save energy with technology and maintenance, the most important energy conservation tools are the people who live and work on base.

Everyone on base should let their facility managers know about problems they observe including drafty workplaces, running faucets or improper lighting practices. Anyone who has ideas on how to reduce energy consumption should discuss them with their facility manager, who route suggestions through the proper channels. Personnel should ask questions and participate in energy conservation efforts since the best ideas often come from those who work in an area every day.

When looking for ways to conserve energy in the workplace, consider questions like:
· Why are the lights on?
· Does it make sense to have the heat on and doors open?
· Most importantly, what can I do to make this process more energy conservative?

The base has an obligation to reduce energy consumption in compliance with Executive Order 13423 Energy and Water Reduction Requirements. To do this, we must reduce energy intensity 30 percent by 2015 from the 2003 baseline. We must also reduce water use by 16 percent. In order to achieve energy conservation goals the entire base community must be involved in energy conservation efforts.

To submit an energy conservation idea, e-mail