Recycling is a base-wide responsibility

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. John Saunders
  • 4th Civil Engineer Squadron
The 4th Civil Engineer Squadron would like to remind all Seymour Johnson Air Force Base personnel to take an active role in recycling.

Recycling and conserving natural resources is the responsibility of all base personnel. Please ensure you are doing your part to help Seymour Johnson AFB continue to lead the way in Air Combat Command.

The blue containers seen across the base are for all recyclables, except for cardboard. Recycling is already mandatory for the entire base, but please double your efforts and place recyclables such as office paper, newsprint, magazines, mixed paper, plastic containers, plastic bottles, and aluminum and steel cans in blue containers.

To recycle, members in military family housing have designated blue roll-carts and members in base facilities should use the blue recycling containers in their facilities. These containers are for all mentioned recyclables. To recycle corrugated cardboard, such as that from moving boxes, place crushed boxes in one of the 11 cardboard dumpsters on base.

The auto skills/hobby shop is the only place on base for people to change their own oil. Place used oil filters in one of the designated oil filter containers.

A new North Carolina state law bans all plastic bottles, wood pallets and oil filters from municipal landfills. Cardboard is already banned from landfills.

For more information regarding Seymour Johnson AFB recycling services, call 722-5282. To contact the 4th CES Pollution Prevention Office, call 722-5168.