Phase II: The count down is on

  • Published
  • By Stephen Spencer
  • 4th Fighter Wing Plans and Evaluations
For the first time in more than 21 months, the 4th Fight Wing will participate in a Phase II Operational Readiness Exercise from Dec. 7-10, 2009.

For those not familiar with an ORE, let me share some insight into the purpose of the exercise. The 4th FW conducts OREs to prepare for real-world taskings and world-wide combat employment. This exercise will allow our units to practice their wartime or contingency missions in an environment that may be more robust than typical Air Expeditionary Force missions.

There are two types of OREs, a Phase I and Phase II. A Phase I practices the wing's transition from a peacetime to a wartime posture and focuses on generation of wing aircraft and the deployment of aircraft, cargo and personnel. A Phase II focuses on the wing's ability to meet its assigned wartime mission after arrival at its wartime location, typically known as "Base X." The major areas stressed during a Phase II are employment, mission support and the ability to survive and operate.

Employment focuses on mission accomplishment and encompasses command and control, operations, maintenance and information operations. Mission support emphasizes the ability to provide sustained, deployed support of the wartime mission. ATSO stresses the capability to sustain the mission and restore mission capability at the deployed location following attacks utilizing either conventional or chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Since it has been so long since the 4th FW has conducted a Phase II ORE, the primary focus of the December exercise will not be on evaluation, but rather on education, exposure and experience. The wing is currently conducting refresher training in ATSO and such critical general skills as self-aid and buddy care as well as specialized training for specific teams such as post attack reconnaissance teams. There will be general briefings for all exercise participants the week prior to the exercise, and then they will practice what they learned during the exercise itself under simulated wartime conditions.

The exercise will begin with transition day Dec. 7. Transition day is used to finish setting up the play area, preparing Base X facilities, vehicles and equipment, and conducting task evaluations. Expect the war to begin at midnight Dec. 7 and continue Dec. 10 late into the evening. During the ORE, you can expect the wing to launch F-15E missions day and night while reacting to simulated attacks on the base involving both conventional and CBRN weapons.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for the exercise. Review the Airman's Manual, 4th FW Base X Plan, Exercise Playbook and the Aircrew Exercise Guide. Break out and inventory your individual protective equipment and field gear, and if you are missing some items or need to replace anything contact your unit emergency management representative. Talk to your supervisor for additional guidance and visit the 4th FW Plans and Evaluation Community of Practice for other useful information.