Three simple steps to a safer home

  • Published
  • By Eric Harper
  • 4th Civil Engineer Squadron Fire Prevention
Many people do not realize they are at a greater risk of a fire in their own home than anywhere else. In fact, eight out of 10 fire related deaths in the United States take place in residential areas.

There are three simple steps everyone can use to make their homes safer.

Every household should have working smoke detectors on every level of the home and outside each sleeping area. Test smoke detectors monthly and change its batteries twice a year.

Everyone in the home should help develop and physically practice Exit Drills in the Home at least once a year. EDITH help occupants become familiar with exit strategies and a safe meeting place outside the home to wait for the fire department.

Regularly conducting home safety hazard inspections can also lower the chances of a house fire. Correct dangers such as fireplaces without screens, unattended candles or overflowing ashtrays immediately.

"Stay Fire Smart! Don't Get Burned" is the theme for Fire Prevention Week 2009, taking place Oct 4-10. In its 87th year of commemoration, Fire Prevention Week is formally proclaimed by the President of the United States each year and officially sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association.

For more information, contact the base Fire Prevention Office at 722-3836.