Season for Service

  • Published
  • By Colonel John Hruby
  • 4th Operations Group, commander
Summer is the season for change of command ceremonies. Such ceremonies are rooted in military history dating back to the 18th century reign of King Frederick the Great. These rich military traditions are often simple in nature, yet significant in meaning. During the ceremony, one commander passes the organizational flag (or guidon) to another because he who carries the flag also carries the responsibilities of serving his or her Airmen. For a wise man once said, "To command is to serve, nothing more and nothing less."

While few joined the Air Force for the money, some joined for the adventure and most joined for an idea called service, service to something bigger than ourselves, service to our country and service to each other.

So what is service? Simply stated, service is making a difference.

Service is making a difference in our own lives and that of our families. The Air Force offers many opportunities to make ourselves better. There is tuition assistance for education, duty time allocated for physical fitness and numerous opportunities for on the job training and education. Seize these opportunities and make a difference in your own life and that of your family.

Service is making a difference in our colleagues', buddies' and wingmen's lives - those in our sections, flights and squadrons. Knowing the other Airmen in your unit is a start, but really knowing them, their likes and dislikes, their families, is crucial to serving them. Serving them is being there to celebrate their successes, as well as pick them up during their struggles. Truly know those in your unit and make a difference in their lives.

Service is making a difference in the 4th Fighter Wing, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base and the Goldsboro and Wayne County communities. The opportunities to serve others are numerous, whether it's in local sports and recreation programs, schools or churches. No matter what your interests, there are many ways to get involved and make a difference.

Service is making a difference in our country. Many deployed around the world sacrifice time away from family. Some even give the ultimate sacrifice, their lives. In its simplest form, we serve our country and make a difference by being the best Airmen possible.

That is what we are about in the United States Air Force, making a difference. Pledge your service, make a difference, each and every day. Be proud of this service and even prouder to be an Airman in the United States Air Force.