Deployed spotlight: SJ Airman provides security in Southwest Asia

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Scott Sturkol
  • 380th Air Expeditionary Wing
Airman 1st Class Kwnikkiya Edwards is a security forces journeyman with the 380th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron at a non-disclosed base here.

As a security forces Airman she supports all security and force protection efforts for the 380th AEW. Airman Edwards helps protect more than 1,900 people and billions of dollars worth of Air Force equipment and assets assigned to the wing.

Security forces specialist like Airman Edwards receive a host of specialized training to complete their deployed mission. In doing her deployed job, she has worked the security forces control desk, flightline security, entry controlling to U.S.-controlled areas and base-wide patrols.

According to her Air Force job description, Airman Edwards must lead, manage, supervise and perform force protection duties to include the use of deadly force to protect personnel and resources. She's also required to perform air base defense functions contributing to the force protection mission which includes controlling and securing terrain inside and outside military installations.

In addition, she defends personnel, equipment and resources from hostile forces. Security forces members like Airman Edwards are capable of operating in various field environments and can perform individual and team patrol movements. Those movements include mounted and dismounted patrols, tactical drills, battle procedures, convoys, military operations other than war, antiterrorism duties and other special duties, according to the official job description.

A typical day at work for Airman Edwards includes wearing the latest in "battle rattle." Additionally, she'll carry a loaded M-4 rifle, and possibly an M-9 pistol, in carrying out her deployed duties.

Her Air Force job description also includes operating communications equipment, vehicles, intrusion detection equipment, crew-served weapons and other special purpose equipment. As a first responder, Airman Edwards can also apply self-aid buddy care and other life-saving procedures at accident and disaster scenes. With law enforcement, security forces personnel are able to apprehend and detain suspects, search persons and property, secures crime and incident scenes, and collect, seize and preserve evidence.

Airman Edwards is deployed from the 4th Security Forces Squadron at Seymour-Johnson Air Force Base, N.C., and her hometown is Fort Pierce, Fla.

The 380th ESFS is a sub-unit of the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing. The wing is home to the KC-10 Extender, U-2 Dragon Lady, E-3 Sentry and RQ-4 Global Hawk aircraft. The wing is comprised of four groups and 12 squadrons and the wing's deployed mission includes air refueling, air battle management, surveillance and reconnaissance in support of overseas contingency operations in Southwest Asia. The 380th AEW supports operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom and the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa.