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Credit and Debt Issues: Information relating to bankruptcy, fraud, and your rights as a debtor.
Domestic and Family Issues: A wide range of information regarding topics such as adoption, legal name change, child support, divorce, paternity information and more.
DWIs: DWIs, driving while impaired, in North Carolina.
Immigration and Naturalization: Becoming a US citizen can be a long and confusing experience. The information provided here can help answer some questions.
Landlord and Tenant: Whether a service member is renting a house or apartment for the first time or for the tenth time, they still might have some important questions.
Purchasing Home & Vehicle: When buying a large ticket item, service members want to make sure that they, and their items, are covered.
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act: Being a service member, you have certain rights under the SCRA.
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act: Information for Reservists and Guard members pertaining to employment and reemployment rights.
Voting and Passport: Helpful information on voting in the military and getting passports for you and your family.
Wills, Estates, and SGLI: Getting a last will and testament ready can seem daunting, but this information can speed up the process, especially if a service member is deploying last minute.
You and Your Lawyer: Helpful information when researching for a private attorney.