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Relocation Assistance
Preparation and knowledge are key to a successful PCS. The Airman and Family Readiness Center is a great first step.

Electronic Sponsor Package- Check out these resources if you are PCS'ing TO Seymour Johnson AFB.

If you are a spouse PCS'ing to Seymour Johnson AFB then you can get connected with a Key Spouse and/or the Enlisted Spouse's club.

Smooth Move Workshop- PCS'ing from Seymour Johnson AFB
This two-hour seminar provides empowering information to you (and your spouse) contributing to a stress-free relocation. Experts from TriCare, the Traffic Management Office (TMO), the Housing Office, Finance, and the Airman and Family Readiness Center provide detailed briefings to include current entitlements, benefits, and programs as well as helpful hints associated with PCSing. Spouses are encouraged to attend. The workshop occurs the 2nd Thursday of each month at the A&FRC, Bldg 3602. Simply contact the A&FRC to register.

Remote Tour Briefing
Personnel with dependents AND orders to a remote tour/dependent restricted location (meaning your dependents will NOT be accompanying you to your next location) will receive a Remote Tour Briefing. Spouses are encouraged to attend. This briefing is conducted every Thursday from 1330-1500. Simply contact the A&FRC to register. 

To get information on your next base or post, visit the MilitaryINSTALLATIONS website at Click on "Installation / Agency Lookup," then enter the desired installation and hit the "Search" button. The page contains resources for everyone who is relocating from one duty station to another, as well as those working or living at or near an installation. Installation information includes phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses of key personnel, as well as local community facts and organizational contacts. Military Installations replaced the well-known "SITES" website in 2007. 

Loan Locker
Need some household items to gap the "packed up but still in the house" period or "just arrived and my (our) stuff isn't here yet" period? Visit the Loan Locker at the A&FRC. Available items--issued at not cost to you--include, but are not limited to: pots, pans, dishes, silverware, coffee pots, toaster, car seats, high chairs, and much more. For more information, please call (919) 722-1123 or visit Bldg 3602.

Military One Source Resources for Moving
·Frequently asked questions about 
moving benefits and allowances. 
Relocation Budget Planner. 
·If you have 
Special Circumstances; check out these resources if it is your first move, if you have a special needs family member, or you are transitioning out of the military.
Spouse Employment resources.
·Resources for 
Single Airmen.
Housing- buying vs. renting and financial counseling
Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) Sponsored by the Department of Defense, the Moving Station helps with home buying, selling, and rentals. Also find the answer to all of your housing questions on:

Military Youth on the Move is a great website for Kids, Pre-teens, and Teenagers adjusting to relocating and other military specific experiences.

Plan My Move

- Intro
The Relocation Assistance program is designed to assist DoD personnel relocating to a new assignment. Relocation services provided at Seymour Johnson include: 

- Right Start
Right Start is mandatory for all active-duty personnel new to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. DoD Civilians and spouses are highly encouraged to attend. "Right Start" is Seymour Johnson's one stop briefing shop for newcomers. Newcomers are scheduled for "Right Start" during their inprocessing with the Military Personnel Element. "Right Start" is managed by the Relocation Assistance Program and held at the Eagles Landing. First duty station Airmen will attend two weeks of training at the First Term Airmen's Center (FTAC). See 2012 dates here

- Smooth Move
An orientation briefing to assist in preparation for an upcoming move. Many helpful tips and reminders to assist in your next move from agencies such as Housing, Family Advocacy, Personal Financial Readiness, Spouse Career Focus, Finance, Tri-Care, TMO, and Outbound Assignments. Classes are normally offered the 2d Wednesday of every month, from 0900-1100 at the A&FRC. Note: 4 FW Exercises may impact the scheduled day. See 2012 dates 
here. Call 722-1123 to register.

- Loan Closet
- Household items are available for temporary use by personnel arriving to or departing from Seymour Johnson. Having guests and you need some additional items for a short period, stop by during normal business hours.

- Sponsorship
First impressions do matter! Our Sponsorship program is designed to equip appointed sponsors with the training and tools they need to assist newcomers. Sponsorship training is mandatory prior to serving as a sponsor. Sponsorship training is performed on-line at electronic Sponsorship Application Training (eSAT). eSAT is located on Air Force Portal. Once training is completed, visit your Unit INTRO Monitor for unit specific procedures. Welcome packages are available through your Unit INTRO Monitor and the A&FRC. 

- Child Care For PCS (sponsored by the Air Force Aid Society) 
Air Force members relocating to or from Seymour Johnson are authorized up to 20 hours of free child care within the first 60 days of arrival or within 30 days of departure. Contact the A&FRC staff upon arrival for a certificate or call 722-1123 for additional information.