COVID-19 Updates

Health Protection Condition (HPCON) LEVEL B (Increased Community Transmission):

Due to the increasing case numbers of COVID-19 in Wayne County, surrounding counties, and on SJAFB, the installation commander has increased the health protection condition to HPCON B. This indicates there is increased community transmission and additional measures are advised to limit further spread of the disease. 

NOTE: IAW DoDI 6200.03, Section 4(9)(b), “The determination to change the HPCON level will be made by the military [installation] commander in consultation with the Public Health Emergency Officer and Military Treatment Facility commander or director.”

Recommended Actions:

  • Continue to practice social distancing (> 6 feet), wear masks indoors in accordance with DoD guidance, minimize in-person social gatherings and time spent in crowded environments, and practice strict personal hygiene measures.
  • Re-scope, modify, or potentially cancel exercises or events to limit risk to DoD personnel. When conducting exercises or training, minimize risk of exposure by assigned seating with appropriate distancing and maintaining same cohort groups throughout the training.
  • Limit occupancy of common areas, both indoor and outdoor, where personnel are likely to congregate and interact by marking approved sitting areas or removing furniture to maintain physical distancing. If modification is not feasible, such areas may be closed.


  • Manpower may be significantly affected due to unvaccinated members being required to quarantine if they are identified as close contacts. Keep in mind that fully vaccinated close contacts do not need to quarantine at this time.
  • Encourage your members to get the COVID vaccine at 4 MDG. If members choose to get vaccinated off-base, please have them bring the records to 4 MDG Immunizations.
  • For current status on COVID-19, please refer to the latest updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at
  • Current DoD COVID-19 guidance can be found at

Please visit the following websites for information regarding COVID-19.                                                                                                                                                                                                      













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