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Tenant Units at Seymour Johnson AFB

Area Defense Council

The Area Defense Council program was established in 1974 to eliminate the appearance that the defense counsel worked in some way for the commander was taking action against the defendent. Today, the Area Defense Counsel is assigned to Headquarters, U.S. Air Force Judiciary and isn't responsible to the wing or any of its commanders. This permits undivided loyalty to a client.

The Area Defense Counsel represents both enlisted and officer personnel in a variety of actions. They can help with:

** Adverse administrative actions
** Interrogations by the Office of Special Investigations and security police
** Nonjudicial punishment (Article 15, Uniform Code of Military Justice)
** Article 32, UCMJ investigations
** Summary Courts-Martial
** Special Courts-Martial
** General Courts-Martial

The ADC participates in base preventative law programs such as military law seminars and commander's call.

The ADC ensures individual's rights are safeguarded, clients informed options, and advised as to which course of action is most likely to effect a favorable resolution of a case. There is no harm in consulting the defense counsel, and there is usually nothing to do or say to clear up an incident that cannot be done or said just as well after seeing a lawyer.

As soon as a member is informed by the OSI, security police or your commander as a suspect of an offense and read his or her rights under Article 31, Uniformed Code of Military Justice, a request should be made to speak to a lawyer. This is a basic right and no one can fault a person statement (orally or written) to the authorities, consultant with a lawyer is important. The same is true with regard to deciding whether to grant consent to search; before waiving certain constitutional rights and it is crucial to fully understand these rights.

Appointments can be made by contacting the defense paralegal of the ADC at 736-5336 7:30 am - 4:30 pm weekdays. The ADC is located on the second floor of the building on the corner of Martin Street and Wright Avenue.

Detachment 216, Air Force Office of Special Investigations

Detachment 216, Air Force Office of Special Investigations is a separate operating agency within the Air Force providing specialized investigative services for senior base officials. AFOSI investigates major crimes in the criminal , fraud and counterintelligence arena. The office provides Air Force commanders with the facts necessary to make judicial or administrative action against those members committing crimes against the Air Force and the Department of the Defense. AFOSI also conducts anti-terrorism and protective services operations.

Detachment 15, Air Combat Command Training Support Squadron

Detachment 15, ACC Training Support Squadron consists of operational training experts who provide the highest quality training programs for the world's best combat Air Force. The training team develops, produces and maintains syllabi and courseware for all F-15E formal training and continuation training academics for F-15C, F-15E and F-16 operational use.

916th Air Refueling Wing

414th Fighter Group

567th Red Horse Squadron

372nd Training Squadron, Detachment 1