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The F-15E Strike Eagle is a dual-role fighter with two crew members -- a pilot and a weapon systems officer -- performing air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. An array of avionics and electronics systems gives the F-15E the capability to fight at low altitude, day or night, and in all weather, as well as the capability to fight its way to a target over long ranges, destroy enemy ground positions and fight its way out.

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  • Off-Limits Establishments

    MEMORANDUM FOR ALL SEYMOUR JOHNSON AFB PERSONNEL SUBJECT: Off-Limits Establishments 1. Under the provision of AR 190-24/OPNAVINST 1620.2A/AFI 31-213/MCO 1620.2D/COMDTINST 1620.1E, Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Boards and Off-Installation Liaison and Operations, dated 27 July 2006, substantive information has been received indicating that the below establishments and areas adversely affect the health, safety, welfare, and morale of Armed Forces personnel. 2. The below establishments are declared "off-limits" until issuance of an updated notice. Off­ limits means that military personnel are prohibited from conducting business with and entering the premises of the off-limits establishments shown below.