• Dare County bombing range unveils new urban target facility

    The Dare County Bombing Range, located on the eastern coast of North Carolina, which is used for air-to-surface target training, unveiled a new complex Monday which prepares pilots for urban warfare. The complex is designed to simulate several blocks of an urban environment that will be used to train aircrew on missions like they may see in Iraq,
  • SFS cracks down on speeding, cell phones, littering

    There have been several questions about policies regarding the enforcement of speeding, cell phone usage and littering. Unfortunately, a lot of questions have been answered while receiving a citation from a 4th Security Forces Squadron patrolman. Hopefully, this article can be a source of clarification. By now, most base personnel have noticed the
  • New PT gear wear date takes effect Sunday

    As a reminder, physical training gear becomes mandatory Sunday. All Airmen will be required to have one running suit, two T-shirts and two pairs of shorts. Air Force officials emphasized that Airmen should not wait to purchase these items. The revised Air Force instruction 36-2903 states that when doing organized PT, the shorts and T-shirts will be
  • SJ goes golden in style, holds 50th Air Force Ball

    "This night is about you," said Col. Steve Kwast, 4th Fighter Wing commander, at the Air Force Ball Saturday, after talking about the character of the Airmen from Team Seymour. The event celebrated the Air Force's 59th birthday and 50 years of Seymour Johnson. Highlights of the Air Force Ball included the honor guard's ceremony for the warrior
  • OSI convenes with local law enforcement agencies for antiterrorism week

    "All of us need to think differently about how to defend America and how to defend freedom," Col. Steve Kwast, 4th Fighter Wing commander, said to approximately 200 law enforcement officers assembled at the annual Law Enforcement Liaison hosted by the Air Force Office of Special Investigation September 14. Law enforcement officers from across
  • Debtors have rights when collectors call

    Debt collectors are responsible for collecting on overdue and delinquent bills, but when is enough, enough? Each state has a debt collection law called the statute of limitation. The state law that applies to the debt will generally be determined as the state where the debt was acquired. The SOL period is the time limit within which the creditor
  • Wayne County landfill bans cardboard

    The Wayne County landfill implemented a new cardboard ban in an effort to extend the life of their landfill space. Seymour Johnson is affected by this ban because the base and its residents take trash to the landfill regularly. This is nothing new for base residents because Seymour Johnson, along with the rest of the Air Force, has already been in
  • SJ clinic gets new look in construction project

    "We're a clinic without walls." The 4th Medical Group takes pride in this phrase because it means they will reach out to places like individual shops or the flight line to take care of their beneficiaries. But that hasn't stopped them from improving their facilities. "We care about our patients and how they spend their time in our facilities," said
  • Beware! Internet scams on the rise

    Internet crime schemes that steal millions of dollars each year from victims continue to plague the Internet through various methods. Two of the more popular schemes recently are the "Advance Fee Fraud" or 419/Nigerian Scam, and the Counterfeit Cashier's Check Scam. The counterfeit cashier's check scheme targets individuals who use Internet
  • Drive safe this Labor Day weekend, don't become ACC's fifth 101 Days fatality

    The upcoming Labor Day weekend marks the traditional end of the summer season as well as the 101 Critical Days of Summer. ACC lost four personnel during the 101 Critical Days. Seymour Johnson had two of the four. It has been a tough summer for the wing. We have only a week left, and it is a big weekend that may have added dangers. Tropical Storm