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  • SECAF addresses force reduction

    Probably the most difficult part of my job as your Secretary is releasing patriotic Americans from serving in our Air Force, but it is a step we nevertheless must take. One of the duties we have as Airmen is assuring future Airmen that they will be as capable and confident to accomplish the mission as we are today. We are faced with the need to
  • 9th AF CC delivers Independence Day message

    "The eyes of all America are upon us as we play our part; posterity will bless or curse us." These words from Revolutionary war hero, Henry Knox, hold as true today as they did 231 years ago. As we celebrate 231 years as a nation, America watches our U.S. military and other governmental agencies support Iraq and Afghanistan and their leadership and
  • New e-mail policy on the horizon

    In the upcoming months, Seymour Johnson will take another step toward ensuring the Air Force gets the upper hand in the battle for cyberspace superiority. A new policy, officially called the Air Force Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Policy on Encrypting and Digitally Signing E-mails, will be implemented to help minimize operational security
  • Protective eyewear program helps Airman keep sight of mission

    The Air Force's Ballistic Protective Eyewear Program has one goal in mind - to protect the eyes of deploying Airmen. The program was started May 1, 2006 for Airmen deploying to certain parts of southwest Asia. An Airman's unit deployment manager will determine whether their job places them at risk for eye injuries while they are deployed. "A
  • Engineers leading the way to Presidential recognition

    The mission of the 4th Fighter Wing's Civil Engineer Squadron is to plan, construct, and operate more than $1.5 billion of real property for two wings with F-15E and KC-135R aircraft; providing environmental stewardship and protection; preparing the wing to survive natural and wartime disasters; providing ordnance disposal; and housing military
  • EAGLES provides opportunities for young Airmen

    Exceptional Airman Gaining Leadership Experience and Skills, commonly referred to as EAGLES, is an organization whose goal is to aid in professional development while also improving the quality of life of fellow Airmen. The mission of the organization, which meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Airmen Center, is to maintain the well-being
  • Fort Fisher delivers blues with free concert

    Visitors to Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area were treated to a free blues concert June 15. As part of Fort Fisher's free summer concert series, Valentino and the Piedmont Sheiks performed as the sun set over the Cape Fear River. Seated on folding chairs and beach towels, spectators spread out on the grass lawn in front of the bandstand while
  • 4th Fighter Wing announces master, tech promotions

    Congratulations to the following 4th Fighter Wing technical sergeants who have been selected for promotion to master sergeant. 336th Fighter Squadron Kimberly D. Muir 4th Aeromedical Dental Squadron Christina M. Black Keri A. Chandler Shawn D. Millbaugh Jasmin D. Wiltshire-Billmyre 4th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Michael W. Baker Clay T.
  • AAFES profits go to base improvements

    Shopping at the Base Exchange is the only place where the money spent goes toward strengthening your quality of life while saving you money. Providing quality goods and services at competitively low prices is not the only goal of the Army Air Force Exchange Service. Its other goal includes generating earnings to support military morale, welfare,
  • Group 56 focuses on camaraderie, mentorship

    Group 56 is a professional organization of staff and technical sergeants of the 4th Fighter Wing that is focused on camaraderie and mentorship. The organization's goal is to enhance the camaraderie and prestige of non-commissioned officers, while promoting a spirit of unity and honor among all enlisted personnel. Each member is encouraged to