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  • SERE training to be required for all Airmen

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley met Aug. 10 at the Pentagon with several Air Force leaders to discuss the road ahead for survival, evasion, resistance and escape training. Air Force leaders plan to broaden the focus of SERE training for all Airmen due to the threat of isolation and capture for Airmen supporting the war on
  • Local recruiter helps Tar Heels cross into different shade of blue

    With more than 15 years in service, Tech. Sgt. William W. Forsythe demonstrates that he is just as dedicated to the Air Force as he was the day he "crossed into the blue." Sergeant Forsythe's determination to do the best job as an Air Force recruiter is reflected in his performance by becoming one of twelve annual Operation Blue Suit winners.
  • Phoenix Project applications process changes

    The Phoenix Project, a week-long, all expense paid couples' retreat, is still available to base applicants. However, the application process has undergone recent changes. Under the old process, couples were nominated for the program by their first sergeant, said Faye Jenkins, Airman and Family Readiness Center community readiness consultant. Now,
  • Expeditionary Airmen serving those who serve

    In an effort to show their appreciation for hard work and efforts, Airmen from the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing have been volunteering to serve food to the operations personnel at the base's containerized deployable kitchen. Chaplain (Capt.) Kevin Humphrey, 380th AEW chaplain, volunteered to serve food several times since he's been deployed from
  • Airman's Attic provides necessities, volunteer opportunities

    For those looking to volunteer or looking for a toaster, the Airman's Attic, located at 1855 Wright Brother Ave. in Bldg. 3632, is a place where Airmen E-5 and below can fulfill both needs. "Seymour Johnson's Airman's Attic is designed to help reduce some of the cost of establishing a household for our junior enlisted members," said Lee Wright,
  • Top 3 leads the way in enlisted organizations

    An organization that is comprised of the top tier of the enlisted force, the Top 3, combines knowledge, experience and leadership to promote the welfare and recognition of enlisted members. Their purpose is to establish and maintain a spirit of camaraderie and esprit de corps in order to enhance the prestige and responsibility of all enlisted
  • 379th ECONS helps equip Desert Eagle Team

    Magazines, sports drinks, construction projects ... many servicemembers pass by these things everyday, not knowing where they came from, how they got here or how they're maintained. That's where the 379th Expeditionary Contracting Squadron comes into play. The 379th ECONS procures the supplies, services and construction resources needed for