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  • Humanitarian exercise provides real health care to Peru

    The 4th Medical Group is deploying to Peru on a medical humanitarian mission Aug. 31 through Sept. 14. The mission is a Medical Readiness Training Exercise in which the group will provide real-world care to Peruvians. Not only will this mission provide a valuable readiness training opportunity and provide much needed healthcare to those in need,
  • New utility uniform ready for wear

    The Airmen Battle Uniform has been tested and is ready to be worn by Airmen at home and abroad. The ABU is a wash and wear item, ironing and starching are strictly prohibited. According to the Air Force Uniform Program Portal Page, starching the ABU makes it more brittle and reduces its life expectancy. Starching can also ruin the near-infrared
  • Moto course keeps Seymour on two wheels

    Air Combat Command and the 4th Fighter Wing have a long standing tradition of instilling motorcycle safety awareness. Members of Team Seymour who ride or are interested in riding a motorcycle are required to attend the motorcycle safety foundation course here. There are two separate courses available, the basic rider course and the experienced
  • Environmental Club turns youth into BEASTs

    "Are you an environmental BEAST?" That was the question asked during this summer's Environmental Club held at the youth center on base. The BEAST acronym stands for: B - Buy and use recycled and bio-based items E - Encourage family and friends to "Think Green" A - Act to protect land, air, water and animals S - Sort recyclable materials as required
  • Reserve changes rules to require technicians to wear uniforms fulltime

    When people visit an Air Force Reserve Command unit during the week in the coming months, they are likely to see more people in military uniforms. The Air Force changed three of its instructions Aug. 7 to require all air reserve technicians to wear military uniforms rather than civilian clothes while working in civilian status. ARTs are full-time
  • EMS Airmen revamp bomb dump

    It may be called a dump, but the Airmen working in the munitions storage area have been pouring their energy into restoring an area of the base affectionately referred to as the bomb dump. The project was started in June 2006 after it was discovered that a leak in the roof of the conventional maintenance building was creating mold, which affected
  • Fitness for Life Education Day kicks off with “Remote Control”

    Fitness for Life Education Day kicks off with the interactive play "Remote Control" August 22 from 9 to 11 a.m. at the base theater. "'Remote Control' is a theatrical performance that will explore issues of sexual assault prevention and how Airmen can become good wingmen by intervening to prevent violence," said Nancy Pike, 4th Fighter Wing sexual
  • Retirees uphold American tradition through volunteerism

    Volunteering is an America tradition. Military retirees, spouses and active-duty Airmen's commitment to serving others through volunteerism unite them with families, neighbors, communities and their Nation. Retired Col. Ray Kleber and retired Senior Master Sgt. Louis Hiedelmeier are local volunteers for the retiree activities office and two of six
  • Seymour senior airmen make staff sergeant

    Congratulations to the following Team Seymour senior airmen who were selected for promotion to staff sergeant. 333rd Fighter Squadron Allison Dow Dominique Gravett 336th Fighter Squadron Tyler Witte Victor Everett 4th Aeromedical Dental Squadron Anita Coe Sarah Standifer Veronica Bryant Althea Maxwell 4th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Christopher
  • SERE training to be required for all Airmen

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. T. Michael Moseley met Aug. 10 at the Pentagon with several Air Force leaders to discuss the road ahead for survival, evasion, resistance and escape training. Air Force leaders plan to broaden the focus of SERE training for all Airmen due to the threat of isolation and capture for Airmen supporting the war on