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  • Wing leaders will not tolerate unprofessional drinking habits

    Fourth Fighter Wing leaders are unveiling an aggressive campaign to curtail the impact that alcohol has on the wing's readiness. The campaign involves a renewed emphasis on pre-drink planning, building exposure for a Goldsboro-vicinity all-hours taxi service and fundamental changes to the Airmen Against Drunk Driving program. The primary objective
  • Satellite pharmacy set to close

    The satellite pharmacy will be consolidated into the Koritz Clinic pharmacy April 2 by using Air Force Smart Operations 21 concepts to streamline processes and fall into play with the 'Leaner, Lighter, More efficient' Air Force mantra.By combining the two pharmacies, it will create a one-stop shop for many who already make trips to each pharmacy in
  • Traumatic Stress Response Team aids Airmen in coping with tragedy

    Tragic accidents resulting in the loss of an Airman can happen anywhere at any time, whether it's during a deployment, on the job stateside or even while home on leave. The Traumatic Stress Response team takes on the challenge of helping people cope with the loss of a friend or co-worker. Traumatic Stress Response, previously known as Critical
  • No fad diets key theme to 2007 National Nutrition Month

    Diet fads come and go, and some may help you lose weight -- in the short term. For National Nutrition Month 2007, the American Dietetic Association says the most effective long-term way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is to be 100 percent fad free. "Following a diet plan and losing weight in the short term is relatively easy," said Maj. Maureen
  • Wright Times changes ownership: 4th FW Public Affairs shifts to Web-based news delivery

    Many say it's hard to tell where the base ends and the community begins around Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, and this line will soften even more as the Wright Times transitions to community ownership May 2007."We are delighted to be able to continue a relationship with the 4th Fighter Wing and the Wright Times that began some 50 years ago," said
  • Surprise DWI checkpoint catches motorists off guard

    Fourth Fighter Wing leadership is making it known that driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated on Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Law enforcement officials from the 4th Security Forces Squadron, Goldsboro Police Department and the SecTek security company shared resources during a driving-while-impaired checkpoint at
  • SFS deploys troops in support of OIF

    The 4th Security Forces deployed more than 25 troops to Southwest Asia in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom for approximately six months. The Airmen recently returned from Expeditionary Readiness Training at Creech Air Base, Nev. The training consisted of Islamic culture, squad mission planning, dismounted and mounted patrol tactics, mobile
  • Future pilots graduate B-Course

    Eighteen pilots graduated from the F-15E Basic Course here Feb 15. The course, which began in June, covers approximately 190 hours of lectures, 44 hours of computer-based training, 15 academic tests, aircraft egress training, mission planning system training, 20 avionics trainer missions, 34 aircraft simulator missions, and 41 aircraft sorties at
  • Force Protection and Antiterrorism is everyone’s responsibility

    To instill Force Protection and Antiterrorism awareness into every Airman's mind, the 4th Fighter Wing Force Protection Office will be running a series of articles on Force Protection and Antiterrorism, beginning with this article on general security precautions. Take the time to read and employ these valuable tips to heighten your personal
  • Wellness event focuses on cardiovascular, heart disease awareness

     Matters of the heart -- let's get started! Cardiovascular disease and heart disease are affecting the Seymour Johnson community and the 4th Fighter Wing's Health and Wellness Center plans to do something about it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the nation, as well