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  • Observing Perimeter Road traffic lights essential for smooth landings

    When you drive, ride or run around the airfield on Perimeter Road, you may notice certain traffic lights with signs that read, "Stop here when light is flashing." The airfield has two precision-approach landing systems that help guide aircraft to the runway at a specific heading and glide slope. Due to the sensitivity of the system, any objects
  • SJAFB to discontinue registering POVs and issuing decals

    In an effort to save critical Air Force funds and to streamline administrative processes, Air Combat Command has determined it is no longer necessary to issue the DD Form 2220, vehicle registration decal, to its personnel. "Effective February 16, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base will discontinue registration of privately owned vehicles," said Maj.
  • 4th FW exhibits excellence in first-ever two-day ORI

    After months of preparation for the first-ever two-day operational readiness inspection Jan. 25-26, the warriors of Team Seymour stepped up to the plate, earning an "excellent" rating for the 4th Fighter Wing . "Going into the inspection, the men and women of the 4th FW practiced six times before the ORI," said Chief Master Sgt. Layton Clark, 4th
  • Team Seymour Airman chosen to attend State of the Union Address

    When President Bush addressed the nation Jan. 23 for his annual State of the Union address, Airmen around the world listened via television, radio or the Internet. But one Airman from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C., watched from inside the U.S. Capitol building where the president gave his speech. Tech. Sgt. Michelle Barefield, an explosive
  • Airmen rewarded for great ideas

    The spirit of Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century has sent organizations Air Force-wide picking brains for new ideas and new ways to accomplish the mission. For two Seymour Johnson Airmen, the new ideas they submitted earned them a little extra spending money. Master Sgt. Terry Fraser, 4th Maintenance Operations Squadron, and Senior
  • SECAF: Ground-support missions a temporary change for AF culture

    Airmen are increasingly meeting the enemy face-to-face while augmenting ground commanders in non-traditional roles more typical of Soldiers. These in-lieu-of taskings, as they are known, are part of the Air Force's temporary culture change to help meet the immediate demands of fighting the Global War on Terror, said Secretary of the Air Force
  • Airman confined, discharged for illegal drug use

    An airman first class from the 335th Fighter Squadron was convicted at a general court-martial of the use of cocaine in violation of Article 112a of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. At the Dec. 18 trial, the accused pled guilty to wrongful use of cocaine. A panel of officer members found the Airman guilty of multiple uses of the illegal drug.
  • Suicide prevention vital to Wingman concept

    The questions that are often asked regarding suicide prevention include, "What could have been done to prevent this tragedy? Are we really putting the Wingman concept into action? Are we friendly and available whenever fellow co-workers are in distress? Do we know the warning signs of suicide? Do we know how to respond?" Suicide can often be
  • Team Seymour to bring Valentine's Day greetings to hospitalized veterans

    For the seventh consecutive year, the 4th Fighter Wing has been invited to participate in the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans observance on Feb. 16 at the Durham Veteran's Administration Medical Center.The national salute invites individuals, veterans groups, businesses, military personnel, civic organizations and school children to
  • Involuntary phase for NCO retraining program begins

    Airmen identified as required to retrain must submit a retraining application by Jan. 15 or separate from the Air Force under Phase II of the Air Force Fiscal 2007 Noncommissioned Officer Retraining Program. After meeting the Jan. 15 deadline, Phase II eligibles must choose an Air Force specialty code from a list of available AFSCs and submit a