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  • William R. Dunn – The First American Ace of World War II

    Editor's Note: This article is part of a series celebrating the 4th Fighter Wing's 75th Anniversary and the great heroes associated with the unit. The 4th Fighter Wing traces its origin to the American volunteers who flew in the Royal Air Force Eagle Squadrons prior to American entry in World War II. In September 1942 the men of the RAF Eagle Squadrons became the American 4th Fighter Group. We begin our series of articles celebrating the 75th anniversary of the 4th Fighter Wing with the exploits of one of our heroes of the Eagle Squadrons. Many individuals who dreamed of becoming fighter pilots had to overcome great odds in order to do so. William “Poppy” Dunn, the first American ace of WWII, had to overcome more obstacles than almost anyone in order to achieve his dream of becoming a fighter pilot.
  • Thanksgiving food preparation and safety tips

    Gobble, gobble, it’s turkey time. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which usually means a lot of last minute shopping and cooking for holiday meals. However, few people stop to think about the possible illnesses that can occur. Improper storing, cooking, and serving of a turkey dinner can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria, which can cause food-borne illnesses. The two common causes of these illnesses are eating foods that are not thoroughly cooked and improper refrigeration. Cooking foods to proper temperatures and refrigerating leftovers in a timely manner will help stop the growth of disease-causing bacteria, which can lead to possible food poisoning.