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  • Testing smoke alarms

    If I asked our home owners both on and off base the last time they tested their smoke alarms, my guess is that many would not remember or have never done so at all. If smoke alarms aren't tested regularly, not knowing if they work or not could be potentially fatal.
  • Why I give

    I was sitting in a daze in a cold and uninviting waiting area outside an emergency operating room about one month before my high school graduation in 2005. I listened to the robotic beeps of medical machinery when I realized my life was about to change forever. Earlier that night, I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I heard panicked pounding on the front door. When I answered the knocks, a policeman stood on our front porch drenched head-to-toe from the rain. I'll never forget the look of fear in his eyes when he told me to get my mom and follow him quickly.