• Soaking Seymour: Wet weather cannot stop wing’s mission

    Mother Nature threw a haymaker at the 4th Fighter Wing Thursday, but the installation managed to sidestep the wet weather's full impact.A series of thunderstorms, which had some of the swirling traits of tornadoes, delivered more than four inches of rainwater to the installation, forcing personnel to execute safety and risk-management
  • Fire inspector outlines 911 reporting procedures

    The Emergency 911 system improves security for Airmen in the 4th Fighter Wing. It helps ensure a quick response and, most importantly, save lives. Seymour Johnson Fire and Emergency Services receive all 911 and 722-0911 telephone calls on base. The 911 system provides dispatching services for fire, police and medical services for emergencies 24
  • SJ on display for city’s Veterans Day parade

    What do you get when the best city and the best base in the whole world join forces to honor our veterans? You get a wonderful parade for the whole family to enjoy. Saturday proved to be a perfect day for the Goldsboro Veterans Day Parade on Center Street. The weather was warm, sunny and clear and the crowds turned out to honor America's veterans.
  • CJR program extensions clarified

    The following information has been provided by Air Force Personnel Center in an effort to clarify the career job reservation eligibility window for First Term Airmen (FTA).Effective October 1, FTA will be considered for a CJR during their eligibility window only. The CJR eligibility window does not change regardless of whether or not Airmen have
  • Drake Eval Team visits POL flight

    The Drake Evaluation Team arrived Wednesday to inspect the 4th Logistic Readiness Squadron's petroleum oil lubricant flight.The POL flight here provides fueling support for 96 F-15E Strike Eagles as well as eight KC-135R Stratotankers."We're always ready," said Senior Airman Daniel Cosentino, 4th LRS fuels distribution operator. "We just opened our