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  • We're just getting the bugs out: SJ Airmen combat mosquito population, West Nile virus

    What are base health officials doing to protect our community against viruses like West Nile and Eastern Equine that can be transmitted from mosquitoes? That was the big question last week after preliminary reports showed positive for the WNV. However, retesting of these samples confirmed negative for West Nile Virus by the North Carolina Health
  • Retirees show there's life after 20 through physical fitness efforts

    The goal of the Air Force fitness program is to motivate all members to participate in a year-round physical conditioning program, emphasizing total fitness to include proper aerobic conditioning, strength and flexibility training and healthy eating. While the fitness program is geared toward active Airmen, there is a group of retirees here who
  • All good things come to an end: 9th Air Force command chief set to retire Oct. 4

    After 30 years of dedicated service to what is widely considered to be the world's most dominant air force, Chief Master Sgt. John Foran, 9th Air Force command chief, will officially retire Oct. 4. "It's been very rewarding to have an opportunity to serve for so many wonderful Airmen in the theater where we are conducting the biggest war since I've
  • There to lend a helping hand: Base clubs make AF life easier for spouses

    Driving around Seymour Johnson, it's not unusual to see a vehicle with a sticker that says, "Air Force wife - toughest job in the Air Force." With all the separations created by deployments, remote tours and TDYs, and the constant fear that their loved one may not come home, it's easy to understand how that job can be so tough. Fortunately, there's
  • Runners look for perfect plan

    For anyone who wants to start a running plan, there's no time like the present. In order to reap the benefits of an effective session, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends running and walking four miles in a 45-minute span, said Arletta Thompson, an exercise physiologist at the health and wellness center. An effective way for active
  • Service before self ... with a twist

    A volunteer is someone who performs a service willingly and without pay. But anyone who has ever done any kind of volunteer work knows it means so much more. Perhaps that's why so far this year, Airmen, civilians, retirees and dependents from Seymour Johnson have contributed more than 30,000 volunteer hours to off-base programs. And that's only the
  • Base chaplains help cool things down for flightline Airmen

    As part of the base chapel's flightline outreach ministry, base chaplains and chapel assistants are constantly visiting the Airmen on the flightline to perform informal needs assessments to gather information to build up morale. The base chapel recently handed out popsicles to Airmen who fly and maintain the aircraft during the North Carolina
  • A little help from the pros: USAF Honor Guard teaches base team a thing or two

    "In honore et dignitate" is their motto. And that's what they do. Whether they're part of the base honor guard team or the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard team, they render military honors to Air Force personnel and their families with dignity during funerals, and other ceremonies and events. From Aug. 14 until Wednesday, three members of the U.S. Air
  • One way to be a hero: 685 stepped up to take swab, help save lives

    You see his face everywhere. The base exchange, dining facilities, the laundry exchange, work centers and even in the bathroom. The smiles of Cavion Holloway adorned hundreds of posters across the base advertising the Bone Marrow Registration Drive being held in his memory. The base-wide advertising campaign drew in 685 new registrants to the C.W.
  • Born to read: SJ library encourages kids to pick up books

    Whitney Houston hit the nail on the head in one of her more popular songs when she sang "I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way." Throughout the summer, libraries across the Air Force stepped up to help keep the base' s children focused on learning and not just summer fun. Seymour's library is no