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  • African American Heritage Month at Seymour Johnson AFB

    Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina held events such as a movie night, book readings and trivia night to commemorate African-American History Month. These events are meant to remind people of the positive impact African-Americans have had in transforming our country and continue to have on the military as well as everyday life in
  • Standing tall for her country

    Editor's Note: This feature is part of a series recognizing and celebrating females in the 4th Fighter Wing during Women's History Month.The auditorium was filled to capacity; more than 500 people, all wearing the same camouflage-patterned uniform. It was easy to blend in with the masses, which was her strategy to survive Basic Military Training. A
  • Flames burn red, white, blue

    While honored to say he is a U.S. Air Force firefighter, he is also proud of his Hispanic heritage. Extinguishing the flames of a burning inferno reminds him of his burning pride to be a Hispanic-American. Airman 1st Class Ethan Salgado, 4th Civil Engineer Squadron firefighter, describes himself as a Mexican-American. He claims El Paso, Texas as
  • SJ youth wins Junior Olympic gold

    With constant permanent changes of station moves and parents away for various lengths of time, growing up in a military family can take a toll on a child; one young member of Team Seymour has mastered the military life-style by keeping her eye on the prize.Aerieal Vineyard, 15 year old daughter of Tech. Sgt. Michael Vineyard, 335th Aircraft
  • Triple play: Airman, athlete, ambassador

    For many people slow-pitch softball is a recreational sport, it's a time to get together with friends, colleagues or church members for a few hours to have a good time. It's estimated that more than five million people of all ages, gender and races play the sport at some level around the world. Most players are your average Joe, or Jane, enjoying
  • Sick with the flu

    Do you like staying at home and avoiding contact with others? That is the right thing to do if you have flu-like symptoms. "We [4th Medical Group (MDG)] offer the flu shot or mist prior to the flu season to prevent servicemembers and their families from catching the virus," said Senior Airman Chauntoyia Johnson, 4 MDG medical technician. The flu is
  • Nurses and medics making a difference one patient at a time

    Nurse practitioners, nurses and medical technicians assigned to the 4th Medical Group Clinic care for Airmen, dependents and retirees on a daily basis, but there is much more to their occupations than one may realize.From screening patients and applying medical knowledge to treating or preventing further illnesses, filling in where short-handed and
  • BellaMorphosis director whips SJ females into shape

    Are you ready?The question might seem all too familiar to any woman who has had both the honor and the misfortune of taking one of Sharon Grieve's classes at BellaMorphosis, the only women's gym of its kind in the Air Force. From the class' reaction to the 356th pulsing squat she affectionately yells at them to complete in less than an hour, they
  • Brothers-in-arms call for, support airpower in Afghanistan

    Brothers-in-arms is a phrase often used to describe the special relationship between those serving in combat.For Army Staff Sgt. Jonathan Cole and Senior Airman William Cole, it is a literal description. The brothers serve in different services at the same time in different parts of Afghanistan.Sergeant Cole is a member of the 101st Airborne
  • Deployed spotlight: 4th SFS Airman protects personnel, assets

    Security force Airmen do more than defending personnel, equipment and resources from hostile forces, security forces. They operate in various field environments, and perform individual and team patrol movements. "You can't fly, fight and win without having security for the installation," said Staff Sgt. Tommy Dailey, 380th Expeditionary Security